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Call for Speakers closed on January 15. 

Check out the agenda of sessions for this year’s great lineup of speakers.

Show & Share Session

Perfect for the first-time Unleash speaker, Show & Shares are an informal opportunity to share your Mediasite experience with other attendees. You’ll engage one-on-one with attendees as they make their way through several Show & Share kiosks during an hour-long networking break. Sessions are designed to be informative as well as interactive – with speakers using a digital display to share video, slides, demonstrations or photos to convey a Mediasite idea, best practice or how-to.

Mediasite in Action Presentation

In this 30-minute session you’ll inspire other attendees with your own Mediasite success, demonstrating how to take what you’ve learned and apply it their own implementation. You’ll share not only your achievements, but also best practices, lessons learned or tips and tricks. Attendees should leave with practical advice and ideas to unlock the potential in their own Mediasite when they return home. To complement your session and deepen attendee engagement, consider facilitating a companion Let’s Talk discussion group following your presentation.

Let's Talk Discussion

If you have a question or idea on your mind, chances are others do too. This opportunity to lead a facilitated group discussion on a topic of your choice is the perfect chance to collaborate and exchange ideas with others. As the discussion facilitator you should be able to create a friendly atmosphere of cooperation where participants are comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. Don’t worry if you don’t have answers to all the questions – you don’t need to. That’s the beauty of a discussion. Your goal is to help the group express its ideas and find its own answers.


Based on topics that are trending in the Mediasite Community, here are a few ideas to get you started. If you can share your organization’s best practices in any of these areas, we’d like to hear from you, but don’t let these topics limit you.

  • Improving teaching or training pedagogy through the use of video
  • Using Mediasite Join for video conference-based meetings, distance learning or collaboration
  • Creating and customizing your first Mediasite Showcase
  • Using the Mediasite API to integrate with another platform or tool
  • Automating video capture or management workflows to better scale your deployment
  • Streamlining support of your Mediasite deployment
  • Implementing Mediasite Catch to expand content capture to rooms with limited AV
  • Developing a video-based continuing education program
  • Best practices to increase instructors’ (or students’) use of My Mediasite
  • Content retention, management and storage best practices and policies
  • Preparing speakers for successful live webcasts
  • Integrating Mediasite with your LMS, CMS, training portal or other content platform
  • Lessons learned from building or renovating a classroom, meeting space or studio
  • AV selection criteria for your Mediasite-equipped spaces or events
  • Streaming best practices for live webcasts or high-profile events

Want feedback on a speaking idea? Contact us. We’re happy to help turn your idea into a solid and memorable Unleash session.

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